Saint John's Pirohi Women
An institution in its own right is St. John's Cathedral pirohi kitchen where every Friday from September through May, our faithful group of volunteers come each week giving their time and talents for the good of the parish. The work actually begins on Thursday with preparations, and continues through late Friday afternoon.

St. John's is known, throughout the Steel Valley for its pirohi, halushki, soups, noodles, donuts and other home made delicacies. In 1981, St. John's Cathedral pirohi project produced a net profit of more than $19,000.00. This feat could never have been realized had it not been for the faithfulness of our volunteers.

Our Friday work force consists of a regular group of dedicated volunteers together with a large contingent of part-time workers. In all, more than 100 women are involved in the pirohi project.

On behalf of the parish family of St. John's Cathedral we thank our volunteers in the words of St. Paul, "I thank my God whenever I think of you; and when I pray for you all, my prayers are always joyful."