Letter from Most Rev. John M. Bilock

April 14, 1982

Monsignor Judson Procyk, Rector
Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
913 Dickson Street
Munhall, Pennsylvania 15120

Reverend and Dear Monsignor Procyk:

It gives me great pleasure to congratulate you and the Parishioners of our Cathedral Parish on the tremendous spirit they have manifested in planning and erecting their beautiful Cathedral Center. The spirit of oneness that prevails among the Parishioners of the Cathedral has been the hallmark of their Faith and the driving force that enabled them to always stand tall, even through periods of adversity.

While being privileged to serve as the Rector of the Cathedral, I never had any doubt about the ability and willingness of the Parishioners to undertake any project, no matter how extensive. The dedication of this quality facility gives me great satisfaction in assuring the faith that I always had in the people of our St. John's Cathedral.

My sincere congratulations to you Monsignor, once again, and to those who worked closely with you and to all of the Parishioners of the Cathedral. May Our Blessed Saviour bless and reward all of you for your goodness.

With kind personal regards to all and every well wish, I remain,

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Most Rev. John M. Bjflock, D.D.
Auxiliary Bishop