Letter from Metropolitan Stephen J. Kocisko

April 7, 1982

Reverend Monsignor Judson M. Procyk
St. John's Cathedral
913 Dickson Street
Munhall, Pennsylvania 15120

Reverend and dear Monsignor Procyk:

On this festive and joyous occasion of the Solemn Blessing and Dedication of the newly constructed Cathedral Social Center, on Sunday, May 23, 1982, I wish to extend my personal best wishes and sincere congratulations to you and to your devoted parishioners who have worked diligently and untiringly and have sacrifices much in bringing about this important accomplishment in the life of our Cathedral Parish.

This new building will enable you to provide needed educational and social programs in the parish. It will aid in getting our faithful of the Cathedral Parish to socialize together in a spirit of Christian fellowship. It will provide a facility to the community for various functions serving the best interests of the Community, the Church as well as our beautiful Byzantine Rite.

In extending our congratulations we wish to acknowledge, with grateful appreciation, the many sacrifices you as the pastor have made as well as those of your devoted faithful who have cooperated in a most splendid manner in making this project possible.

We ask that Almighty God richly reward all of you for your dedication, zeal, and wholehearted cooperation and may this new Social Center stand as a fitting tribute to those responsible for its construction and service.

With kind personal regards and every best wish, I remain.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

(Most Rev.) Stephen J. Kocisko, D.D.
Metropolitan Aochbishopvof Pittsburgh