In Memory
Larry Braszo

Bernadette & Raymond Braszo

Mr. & Mrs. John Brugos

Thomas J. Buby, John H. Buby, and Anna (Fedor)
   While other ethnic churches have been needlessly forced to close, it is truly God's will and blessing to have such a magnificent and beautiful cathedral built by the hard work and dedication of dynamic Msgr. Judson M. Procyk and the parishioners.

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Buday

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Buday

Mr. & Mrs. John Budzinkay and Family

Julia L (Mrs. Michael G.) Bugos

   St. John's has been an important part of our family's life since its founding: Michael Sr. and Veronica; Michael George and Julia L. and children Bernard, Ronald, Marlene Rizk, and Audrey Dyer.

Daniel & Margaret Buleza and Family

   When our family moved to Pittsburgh from New Jersey in 1961, the good people of St. John's (especially the choir) welcomed us with open arms and filled a big void in our lives. We shall always remember their kindness. We are certain that Dan's departed Mom and Dad, Mary and John Buleza Sr., look down with pride and joy on our new cathedral and Center. — Shining jewels in the treasury of our Byzantine Catholic heritage.

Mary Calciano

   St. John's: Spiritual leader for the ill. An example of what cooperation can accomplish.

Dava Carlson

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Carlsen and Family

   In memory of our grandmother, Mary Barna, who was a member of St. John's Cathedral. The special events of our wedding and baptism of our first child in our original church will always be cherished, looking forward to many celebrations and memories whether with our family or with our parish friends in our new church.

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Carmassi

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Chekan and Family

   God bless the parishioners of St. John's Cathedral.

Michael Chekan

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Chekan

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Neal Chekan

Mary Anne Cherak

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Cherak and Family, Mrs. Susan Lesnak

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Chervenak

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Chestnut

Mrs. John Chismar

Elizabeth Mitrick Cmar

   Grateful for many memories, education, baptisms, weddings, and PIROHI. Wishing future generations happiness in our "new" church.

Mrs. Agnes Cordier The Cosgrove's: Keith, Debbie, and Justin

   I am so proud of our new church and I am sure that my grandparents in heaven are equally as proud. It is more beautiful than anything I dared to imagine and I thank God for everyone in our parish who helped to make it a reality.

Mrs. Robert, Kim, & Kristie Lee Cosgrove

   May future generations be as proud of this new Cathedral church as we are today. "God grant them many happy years in health and happiness."
Mr. & Mrs. John Cuba

   For Anna Lesko who loved working for the church. To the future generations — Stand firm in the faith with love.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Danko

George Danscak Michael & Emily Danscak

St. John's Cathedral — A dream come true. May God continue to shower us with His blessings.

Mrs. Helen Dettore Edward Dobos


Mary M. Dobos

   Being a third generation member of St. John's Cathedral, I have fond memories of growing up in this area and attending St. John's School. I be longed to the Sodality, we had May Crownings, marched Good Friday and Holy Saturday, traveled to Mt. St. Macrina for Sodality retreats (we enjoyed ourselves — a No-No) but we did pray and observe silence. I made friends as a child in school and kept that friendship into adulthood. GOOD LUCK TO THE NEXT GENERATION AND THE NEXT AND THE NEXT at St. John's Cathedral.

Nancy Dorcak

John R. Drobne

    A heartfelt "thank you" to all of those who proceeded us and to those who will follow us for the support and sacrifice on behalf of St. John the Baptist Cathedral.

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Droschak

Theodore Droschak

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Druga, Robert & Melissa

    We are blessed to be part of a very memorable celebration of our new Cathedral church.

Anna Ducar

Deborah Ducar

Donald Ducar

Eva Ducar

James Ducar

The Ducar's, Mr. & Mrs. John Ducar and Family

    A new church and a new beginning to bring us all closer together in prayer.

Leonard Ducar

Mary Beth Ducar

Michael Ducar

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Ducar

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard E. Ducar and Family

    Hard work, sacrifice, prayers and wishing — Result: a beautiful church, brand new and full of old tradition!

Mr. & Mrs. William Ducar

Dolores Duda

Douglas Duda

Anna Dudoloff

    In memory of my mother Katherine Dudoloff. Had she lived she would have been so proud of St. John's.

Anna Duleba

Mr. & Mrs. Emil Duleba

Ms. Lynne A. Duleba

Christine Dumblosky

Stephanie Dumblosky

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Dumblosky

Christopher Dunay

Mr. & Mrs. George Dunay

    Fond memories of education at St. John's, marriage, baptism, and weddings of our children.

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Dunn

Mr. & Mrs. George Durkota

Ms. Helen Durkota

    I am proud to be a member of St. John's Cathedral and to carry on the tradition of my parents Alexander and Anna, who loved their church very much.

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Dzamko Andrew and Anna Fedorisky, John and Lottie Eckley, Andrew and Charles Fedoris, Anne & Paul Eckley

Andrew Ehnot

    A dream has become a reality.

Mr. & Mrs. John Ehnot and Daughters

Arlene Graham and Families and Patricia Holoman and Families. Members for the past 60 years.

Timothy, Gloria, Jeremy, and Sarah Erney

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Evancho and Family

    Thank you God for everything you gave us.

Mrs. Mildred Lutheran Evans

Mrs. Joseph Evans

Mrs. Michael Evans

Patricia A. Evans

Mrs. Andrew Ezerosky

Mr. & Mrs. George Farkal

Eugene George Fecik

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Fedoris

Mr. & Mrs. John Fedoris

Michael & Mary Fedoris Sons: Michael, Andrew, John, Stephen

    St. John's: Our spiritual leader and guidance counselor for our children.

Mr. & Mrs. John Fedorisky and Family

    Congratulations to all the committee members.

Albert Fencik Jr.

Mrs. Albert G. Fencik

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fenner and Family

    I'm proud of the many years both my sons have been altar boys. It was a choice they made and a commitment they have not given up.

Margaret Ference

Julianne Ferko

   St. John's Cathedral has always been "home" for myself and my departed husband, Andrew Ferko Jr. He, along with his parents and sister, Andrew Ferko, Suzanna Ferko, and Anne Ferko, were all keystones in the founding of our "home." Even to this day when our children visit, (Thomas from Detroit, Rosemary from Orlando, and Felicia from North Hills), they always want to attend mass at "home," St. John's.

Ann Ferko

Robert W. and Joan Fike
   May God bless us all.

Mr. & Mrs. John Fitz

   In memory of Michael & Olga Fitz In memory of Michael & Mary Babir

Mrs. Mary Forgash

Christopher Fuga

Mrs. Mary Fuga

   I am proud to be a member of the church, and that all of my children had the opportunity to be baptized at, and graduate from St. John's.

Richard M. Fuga & Christine Schur

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Gamrat Jr.

Mrs. Mary Gamrat

Julia Bobick George

Elaine M. Geraci

   May God bless Msgr. Judson Procyk for his courage and achievement to have a new cathedral built. His successful accomplishment will be an inspiration to future generations. Congratulations!

John Gerosky

Linda Gilgovan

Mrs. Louis Gilgovan and Family

   The Rusnak/Gilgovan family has had five generations as members of St. John's Cathedral. The lineage began with my grandparents and included my parents, my husband and me, and my daugh ters and granddaughters. I have especially fond memories of my days attending St. John's School that began with the fifth grade. Just to have a nun as a teacher was a wonderful experience.

Luann Gilgovan

Mary S. Ginsburg

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Giaid IV and Family

   We are grateful to our ancestors for our beautiful Byzantine traditions, and are blessed to pass these on to our children.

John & Helen Goda

Richard Goda

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Godovchik

Mr. Joseph A. Godovchik

   In loving memory of wife and mother, Ann.

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Godovchik

Mrs. George Godovchik

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Godovchik

Helen Goga

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gomolak

Beverly Gorman

Mr. George Granite

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Gula and Family

Miss Elsie E. Gulas

   In memory of my dear parents, Mary and Andrew Gulas.

Laurene Guthrie

Mr. & Mrs. Oliver M. Guthrie, Andrea, Laurie, and Linda

   Our decision to join St. John's Cathedral 20 years ago has proven to be personally and spiritually gratifying for all of us. The dedication, leadership, and teachings of Msgr. Procyk and the Sisters of St. Basil have strengthened the deeprooted qualities in our children that all good parents do their best to instill. Today, as our new church is dedicated we see the fruits of our labor as well as so many of our parish friends. We stand proud to have been a part of this great undertaking. May God bless all future generations of St. John's Cathedral as richly as He has blessed us.

Carole Haddad

Michael & Julia Haluska

Andrea A. Harhai

   For fond memories of St. John Cathedral School — As a student and 13 happy years as a first grade teacher.

Mary Harpish

Mrs. John Harpish

Mrs. Anna Hasara

John Hashtak

Mr. & Mrs. George Havrilcsak

Joseph Edward Havrilla

   Congratulations and best wishes Monsignor Procyk for your outstanding leadership. The memory of my parents John and Anna Havrilla for instilling in me my religious heritage and their love for God and church.

Mr. Michael Havrilfa

   May the remembrance of my wife Margaret, coupled with the dedication of St. John's new cathedral be everlasting.

The Havrilla's: Nicholas Sr., Lorraine, Christine, and Nicholas Jr.

   Best wishes to the future generations of St. John's members.

Stephen N. Sr. and Helen Havrilla

   In memory of Havrilla and Prepelka Families

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Havrilla Jr.

Robert Hildenbrand

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hildenbrand

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hilla

Mr. & Mrs. William Edward Hilla

   In memory of our deceased parents.

Audrey, Dale, and Timothy Hinkle

   May the spirit and warmth that have always been present in our church continue to thrive far into the future.

Marianne Hirkulich

Margaret Hirkulich

The Hirkulich's, Mr. & Mrs. M. Hirkulich and Family

John Hoblack

Mrs. John Hoblack

The Hoblack's: Michael (deceased) Mary Rusnak Hoblack and Nancy

   Attended St. John's School 7th and 8th grades. High School at Mt. St. Macrina Academy. Married at St. John's September 17, 1955.

Mary K. Hopchak

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Hornak

Mrs. John Hornak and Family

   In memory of those who have gone before us!

John, Elizabeth, John and Anna Hornak.

The Hornyak's: Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Homyak and Family

   After all these years we're happy to see the new cathedral come to a reality.

The Hornyak's: Andy, Rosie, Dave, and Steve

   From our original church we bring beautiful memories of family and friends to continue our spiritual life in our beautiful new church.

Mr. & Mrs. William K. Hosni and Family

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Hovan

Nice to be part of the cathedral parish and we are thankful that we lived to see this beautiful new cathedral.

Marsha Hrabik

Barbara Hrapchak

Mr. & Mrs. George Hrico

   The Hrico Family is now in the fifth generation as members of our Byzantine Rite in western Pennsylvania. Chances for the sixth generation are very good.

Helen Hrinko

Mr. & Mrs. George Hritz and Family

Mary & John Hritz

   Glad to have been a part of so vibrant and hard working parish. We enjoy every moment of it.

Mrs. Andrew (Verne) Hritz

   In memory of Andrew Hritz Jr., also John, George, Joseph and Margaret Hritz and parents, Mary and Andrew Sr.

Helen Hritz

The Hruska's: Mr. & Mrs. George & Katherine Hruska

    In memory of our parents, George and Mary Hruska and family. Our grandfather George Hruska helped to lay the cornerstone of St. John's Cathedral in Homestead!

Al & Mary Ann Hvozdovich

   To pray and worship God while thanking Him for His many gifts and blessings. The visible beauty of the new cathedral is dazzling!

Mrs. Edward Hvozdovich

Mr. & Mrs. John J. & Lillian M. Irha and Family

Mrs. Mary Ivan

Mike & Pat Ivan

   This beautiful church and center is the end result of hard work by some very dedicated members of St. John's who work tirelessly week in and week out. To those people, and to Msgr. Procyk, we can say thank you and God Bless.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Jacobs

Stephanie Janeski

Kristine M. Janocsko

Mr. & Mrs. George J. Janocsko

Mr. & Mrs. George M. Janocsko and Family

   As we embark on this new era of our parish's life, let us all unite in the words of the Ambon Prayer: O Lord, save your people and bless your inheritance. Preserve the fullness of your church and sanctify those who love the beauty of your house.

Ann Juba

   My parents, Anna and Michael Juba of blessed memory, who were married at St. John's Cathedral, my brother Michael also of blessed memory, and my sister Mary Juba Church.

Anna Marie, Rose Marie, and (the late) Michael Kach

   Roses mean remembrance, at least so people say, and that is why there are roses wished today and every day.

Mary Kalupson and Family

   St. John's has been my parent's church, and I am proud to be a member of it also. To me, St. John's is like home.

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Kardell

The Karlock's: George, Elizabeth, & Family

Mary Karpish

Stephen Kish

The Kmetz Family: John, Jo, and Pirle

   It's been an honor for us to have been able to serve St. John's.

Dorothy A. Kohan

    My loving gratitude to God for the blessing of our new beautifuf church and to my parents and grandparents for my Byzantine heritage.

The Hollar's: William, Judy, Mario, Caitlin, & Thomas

Deborah Kopcho

Gregory Kopcho

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Kopcho

Mr. & Mrs. George Kopcho

Mr. George Kosko

Mrs. Joseph Kosko

Mrs. Marie Kosko

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kostak

Margaret Kostovny

Mr. & Mrs. John Kotuce and Family

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Kotuce Jr.

Ronald S. Kotuce Sr.

George A. & Mary D. Kovach

   Our dream of a new church is realized. Mary was baptized at St. John's and we celebrated our 50th anniversary there also. Both of our children were baptized there and they went to school and graduated, and both were married at St. John's. Their children were also baptized at St. John's.

Bemie & Helen Koval and Family

   We're thanking God for all of our blessings.

Carol Koval Dr. & Mrs. John Kovalyak

The Krall's: Andrew & Rose Krall

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Krehely

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kremin

Michael Krenicky

Mrs. Julie Krenicky Lawrence, Ellen, Jason, Amanda, & Ashley Krysinski

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Kuhl

Mr. & Mrs. John Kuklinca and Family

   We are proud to be parishioners of St. John's and to be a part of the dedication of a new cathedral church; a once in a lifetime experience. What a beautiful edifice for the glory of God.
The Kuklinca family is also proud that the Gospel Book which was given in memory of our parents, is still in use daily in the chapel of the new cathedral.

The Kundrat's: Paul, Anna M., Paul John, Joseph Michael

   Good health and happiness for all. In remembering the departed who hoped to see the new cathedral.

Pat and Pauline Kupec

   May our church stand as our testimony to the faith, the love of God, and the sacrifice of the people of St. John's. May it serve as a tribute to our forefathers and act as a legacy to those who will follow us.

Mary E. Kurtz

Mrs. Michael Kurtz

Lori Jean Kuzma

Michael Kuzma

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Kuzma

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kuzma

Mary Lebedda

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Lesko

Mr. & Mrs. Regis Lesko

The Lesko's: Mr. & Mrs. Richard N. Lesko and Family

   In loving and everlasting memory of Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas J. Lesko.

Mrs. Susan Lesko and Daughters: Florence Kolesar, Jean Repine, Elaine Geraci

    My roots at St. John's Cathedral began with George Mikita, my grandpap. He was one of the first cantors and with pride witnessed the building of St. John's Cathedral on Dickson Street. Now generations later I am a proud parishioner witnessing the dedication of the magnificent cathedral on Greentree Road, built under the supervision of the devoted Msgr. Judson Procyk.

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew P. Lesko Jr.

Tina Link Margaret S. Lipchak

Charmaine Louda

Ms. Ann Lucas

    As a "senior" member of St. John's Cathedral, where I was baptized and received my first Holy Communion, I take this opportunity to pay tribute to our founders and to take pride in knowing that my late parents and brothers were among those helping to carve the various stages of our church's history. It's been my treasured privilege to be a part of this history.

Eugene Lucas

   In hope that the younger generations will carry on the tradition of St. John's Cathedral.

Mrs. George Lucas

Mrs. Laura Lucas

   In memory of Michael Lucas and Rulka Families.

Mrs. Stephen Lucas

Rudolph Lucas

Marilyn Lutheran

Michael Lutheran

Mrs. Alfred Lutheran Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne A. Lutheran

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Lutka

    Congratulations for all that we have accomplished for our parish.

Ronald, Arietta, Teresa, and Barbara Lutka

Mrs. John A. Macso

   In memory of our departed parents, and especially my husband John, who would be proud of the new beginning of the Byzantine Catholic community of St. John's.

Michael & Catherine Magnes

   In memory of parents. We are keeping up the tradition our parents started years ago.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Magnes

Mary Magnes

   Thank God that I lived to see the new St. John's Cathedral. Too bad that my husband John and son Lawrence are not here to praise the new church.

Annette E. Martin

David B. Martin

Mary Ann Martin Clifford & Elizabeth Martin

    Our Father in heaven, thank you for the blessing you have given our cathedral parish.

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Martin

Mr. & Mrs. Keith Martin

Nicholas Martin Jr.

Tracy Matsko George & Shirley Matus

   Wishing God's blessings on Msgr. Procyk and all the good people of St. John's Cathedral, and cherished memories of all our deceased parishioners.

The Matus Family: Mike, Pat, and Kristy Leigh

   Long live St. John's! Along with brothers George Matus and John Matus and their families, may the memory of our loving parents, Michael and Elizabeth Matus, whom so dearly loved St. John's, live on forever.

Lorraine May

The Megliss': Andrew (deceased) and Jean Petro Megliss, Gregg, Garry, and Nikki

   Baptized & Confirmed 1930; Holy Communion; Started first grade 1936 when St. John's began, graduated 1944. Sodality member; Married 1950 to Andrew J. Megliss, buried 1982. All of my life has been St. John's.

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mehalik and Family

Mr. & Mrs. William Mercer

Michael & Helen (Vatral) Michaliszyn

    We're glad to be a small part of building for a better future.

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mihalic

Sr. Anna M. Miskovitch

John Miskovitch

   Memory of Mary Miskovitch & Children, & deceased husband Michael

Mark Andrew Mitro

Michael & Anna Marie Mitro and Family

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mlinek

Lori Morgan

Laura Ann Morris

Dianne L. Morrissey

Mrs. Michael Moxin and Moxin & Demko Family

Anna M. Moyta

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Moyta

Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Myers

Helen Namachar

Mr. & Mrs. John Namachar

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Novak

Anna Nyczaj

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent O'Reilly and Family

   Our fondest memory of St. John's is the day our daughter Grace was baptized. We are looking forward to the day when she makes her First Communion.

Dora Octun

Mrs. Elizabeth Okonsky

   I feel privileged to be a member of St. John's Cathedral parish.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Oleska Bob Ondo and Family

   All of us are honored to be members of the Cathedral parish. Anna May would have been proud to have been here for the dedication of the new Cathedral church.

William Ondo

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Ondo

William & Ruth Ann Ondo and Family

   St. John's has always been and will always be the backbone of our family. Starting with the beautiful liturgies, educating the children in our school, and working and socializing with our fellow parishioners at the Center. We love you St. John's.

Anna Ondo

   I have been a member of St. John's parish for the past 73 years. Through much prayer and the grace of God I have been able to see the birth of our beautiful new church.

Joseph Onoffrey

Agnes Onofrey and Family

   "The Lord shall be unto thee an everlasting light." Isiah 60:19

Dr. & Mrs. Timothy B. Oriss With the spiritual strength that St. John's has provided us, we have achieved more in our personal lives than we ever thought ourselves capable of doing. However, the thing that we trea sure the most is having been afforded the opportunity to work and pray as members of the St. John's family. We are deeply honored to be associated with the caliber of people who have not only the ability, but also the desire to complete a task of the magnitude of the new cathedral. Thanks, St. John's! Carol &Tim

Mrs. Mary Kuklinca Orosz

The Owens Family: William M., Mary L., Jessica L, Jason M., and Tyler J.

   To know that no matter how hard things got, that with patience, love, and faith in the Lord, every thing will be all right.

John Patsko

Drs. David & Lauren Pavasko and son Stephen

   On May 1,1994 our son Stephen was baptized in the new cathedral. He is the fourth generation of our family to become a member of St. John's Cathedral. (John. A., Howard J., David H.J., Stephen J.) We will be eagerly awaiting a fifth generation member in 25 years.

The Pavasko's: Howard, Mary, David, Janet, and Howard S.

   We enjoyed the old church that the previous generation left to us and we hope the new generations enjoy this beautiful church.

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Pavucsko
    I am proud and feel honored to have been permitted to be a part of this group of dedicated people who made this dream come true.

Deborah Pavucsko

Gregory Pavucsko

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Pavucsko

Edward Pavucsko Jr.

The Andrew Pazey Family: Andrew, the late Frances, Daughters Pamela Reiger & husband Ed, Carol Lawhead & husband John, Lori & Matthew

   Our daughters treasure the memories of attend ing the parish school and the fun they had. The sisters left life-long impressions they treasure and will never forget.

Mrs. Mildred Pcholinsky and deceased Michael Pcholinsky

Fond memories of my joy in teaching 7th and 8th graders in our CCD program, as well as Mike's and my satisfaction in acting as adult advisors for the teen group at the start of lay participation in the religious education program in our church.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Pcholinsky Jr.

John Pcsolar Joseph Pcsolyar

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Pcsolyar

Jennie Pegula, wife & Andrew Pegula, husband John Penzelik and wife Susan

   In memory of wife Susan Penzelik.

Michael Penzelik

   In memory of John & Anna Penzelik.

Mrs. Julius Pesta

Evelyn & Bill Petkanics and son Bill

   In tribute to the founders of St. John's parish and to the benefactors whose sacrifices made this edifice possible.

William J. Petkanics Mr. & Mrs. Peter Petrisko

The Petrisko's: Mrs. Anna E. Petrisko and Family

   Deceased husband John, and children John Paul Petrisko and Family Joseph Jerome Petrisko and Family Anna Marie Blon and Family

Mary Ellen & Fred Petro

   St. John's is where we met, were later married, and spent many wonderful years. Nearly 100 years ago, both of our paternal grandparents were also married at St. John's. Throughout our lifetime, St. John's will always be in our hearts and prayers. Congratulations Msgr. Procyk and parishioners.

Maria Petro

Pamela Petro

Shirley Petro

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Petro

Mrs. Dennis Phares

George & Mary Piposar

Thanks for the memories.

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Piposar

Helen Plusquellec

The Pochron's: Michael, Diane, and Tara

   God bless our families and friends, who have helped make our family possible.

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Pollak

Drew Porvaznik

Mrs. Andrew Porvaznik

Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Pristas

The Pristas': Mr. & Mrs. John H. Pristas and Family

   Our church is beautiful. For generations it will be there for us to worship and pray.

Mrs. Pauline Pushcar

St. John's church has always had a great impact on my life. It helped keep my family together in good times and in times of adversity.

George, Debra, George, and Julia Rakar

   Thank you to our parish family from our family. We hope that all feel as blessed as we do to be a part of St. John's Cathedral.

Joseph & Marilyn Raschak

   Fitting dedication to our God

   Abundance of good friends

   Immortal recognition to all who made this possible

   Timeless honor of tradition

   Hallmark to our belief in Christ

Mr. & Mrs. James Reed

Mrs. Michael Ribovich

    I am proud to be a member of St. John's parish.

Mary Jane Richmond

Jerry & Judy Rihn

   On such a great occasion, one cannot help but feel the presence of our deceased parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and know how proud they would be to see such a beautiful church. To see the effect all their sacrifice and love has made over the years, when they came to America bringing with them only their hopes and dreams. With the freedom to worship being so important to them, they built a church with the little money they had, and instilled that love for the church in their children. Knowing they are with us as we celebrate this wonderful event, let us rejoice and be glad! Indeed, God is with us.

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Rinvik

Helen Robertson

Mrs. Mary Robison & Parents (Andrew & Anna Poruba)

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Roble

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Roble

John Rohach

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Rohach

Evelyn Rudick

    I am very happy and privileged to be a member of the beautiful St. John's Cathedral.

Mildred M. Rulka

   To the future generations — Respect your heritage and your church.

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rusnak

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Rusnak

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Rusnak

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sabol

Mrs. John Sakanich

   I have been a parishoner for 57 years!!

Ms. Deborah & Miss Emily Sale

    My most memorable moment at St. John's was the baptism of my daughter Emily.

The Savko's: Elaine & Jane Jeff & Michelle Scripp

   To the fond memories that we shared as we were united in marriage on September 22,1990.

Ms. Margie Setnan

   In loving memory of two very special people... Joseph and Suzanna Durkota.

Mary Ann Seman

   I remember happy events such as my First Communion and 8th grade graduation. Also I have many memories of my grandmother

Anna Moyta and my dad Michael Seman.

Michael J. Seman

   St. John's, the lighthouse for my journey through life. Its beacon faithfully tended by my parents, my grandparents, dear friends, and by the priests and sisters, all of whom had a definite impact on the person that I am.

Mrs. Michael Seman

    In loving memory of my husband, Mike, and my parents, Andrew and Anna Moyta.

Tara M. Seman

   For my grandparents, Mary and the late Mike Seman and the late Ben and Stella Pomorski; my father, Michael Seman; and the late Fr. Nick Novario — all of whom helped me find my faith.

Mary Semego

Melissa Semego

Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Semego

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Senovich

George, Carol, George, and Matthew Serechin

Mr. & Mrs. Zigmund Shanoski

Elizabeth Pavlik Shelley

   God Bless America: The Pavlik's

The Shuty's: Alexander (deceased), Ann G., and Alyssa J.

   The sense of fulfillment in seeing the church, parish house, and Center all completed in one lifetime is beyond belief. It was a dream Alex, Alyssa, and I had. I know that Alex is enjoying the end result.

Albert Sikosky and Children

    Albert Sikosky and children want to thank God for giving them 52 years of loving St. John's. Now we have a beautiful church, Center, and parish house, but most importantly God gave us a wonderful, loving, go-getting priest Msgr. Judson Procyk. May God grant him a long time with us. Monsignor, you have done a wonderful job. God bless you.

Mrs. Eva Simko & Russell

   In memory of George, Ronald, and Rosemarie. Thank you.

George Simko

Mary Simko

Michael Simko

Susan Simko

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Simko and Sons

The Simko's: Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Simko and Family

   In thanksgiving and the glory of God.

Joseph Skriba

   In 1903,1 belonged to the newly built St. John's Cathedral. Never did I dream that I would, 91 years later, belong to another new St. John's Cathedral. I thank Msgr. Procyk for his foresight in planning this beautiful place of worship.

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Slava

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Slava

    We are proud to belong to such an active spiritual family that works, plays, and prays together, with the help of God's love and Msgr. Procyk's guidance.

David Smoley

Ron & JoAnne Smoley

   In memory of our darling twins, Christopher and Christina Smoley, taken by our Lord for His angels October 14,1965.

Tim, Connie, and Adam Smoley

Anna Sollance

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Sovick Sr. and Family

    Good luck and much success is our wish for the new cathedral and its parish family. Always remember "Zelda" and her Cuisinart, bingo daubers.

Leonard Stagon, Ronald A. Stagon, & Laura Stagon Morris

   While Laura's was the last wedding in the old church, we anticipate joyous occasions in our new cathedral.

Thomas Stagon

   In memory of my deceased parents, Mary and Andrew Stagon, who certainly would have been proud of this new cathedral.

Emil Stefko

Ms. Judith A. Stefko

The Stofko's: Michael, Linda, and Jennifer

   We would like to remember our dearly departed Karen Cordell, Michael J. Stofko Sr., Charles Cordell Sr., Mary Cordell, and Leo Hoover.

The Stolic's: Mrs. Paul Stolic and Family

Mr. & Mrs. Emery R. Suchta and Sons: Kevin Michael and Mark Emery

   In memory of our parents and grandparents Michael and Helen Mihalchik whose love and kindness inspired us to continue our Byzantine heritage and traditions.

Mrs. Mary Sudina

   My daughter Mrs. Evelyn Kondas and Family My son Richard Sudina and Family

Mr. & Mrs. John Sugar

Michael & Julia Suray and Family

Mrs. Michael Suray

Michele Szerbin

   In loving memory of my grandparents, Michael and Anna Szerbin.

The Szerbin's: Mr. & Mrs. Michael Szerbin and Family

Mrs. Edward Szerbin and Family Erin, Gary, Edward, Christopher, & Victoria

   Remember Edward and his parents Anna & Michael.

Andrew Tima

Beverly Tima

Paul Tima

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Tima

Steve J. Jr., Janine M. (Lesko), and Samuel S. Tima

   Parents: Steve J. Sr. and Margaret M. (Filko) Tima Richard N. and Joyce M. (Miller) Lesko Grandparents: Paul and Elizabeth (Vamos) Tima Nicholas J. and Mary M. (Lepolt) Lesko Andrew and Mary (Janak) Filko Andrew J. Miller and Helen D. (Krug) Severino

Edward B. Timko

   The new cathedral is a tribute to the faith of the founders of St. John's, one of whom was my father, George Timko Sr.

George Timko Jr.

John Tompkins

Elizabeth Toth

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Totin and Family: Mary Ellen, Michael Jr., Christine, and Kathy

   We are proud and happy to be a part of the dream come true.

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Urban

Mr. & Mrs. John Urban and Family

   St. John's is our source of spiritual contentment. We have been guided, strengthened, and comforted by our Lord throughout our 46 years of marriage. Thank you Lord for all you have be stowed upon us.

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Vakerak

Paul, Peggy, Marissa, and Nicholas Vakerak

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Vakerak

Mr. & Mrs. John Vamos Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. John Vamos III

Mr. & Mrs. Benny L. Vann Sr., Danielle and Benny Jr.

   May the new cathedral bring as much love, happiness, and joyful memories to its present and future generations as it has brought to our family in the past years.

Sophia Vann

Joseph M. Varhola

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Varhola

Mrs. Anna Varhola & Son John R.

Andrew Vasko

George Vasko

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Vatral

Mrs. Michael Vohar

Mrs. Joseph Annmarie Volcheck and Family

   I would like to express my views about the new cathedral. It is an amazing grace. It has all the comfort and beauty. I walked in admiring the altars and paintings and as I looked up, I saw the most remarkable painting of Jesus. His beautiful eyes met mine, and no matter where you sit in church His eyes will meet yours. It is a miracle painting. Thank you Msgr. Procyk, and God bless you with a long healthy life.

Kimberly Volkay

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Volkay

Dennis Vrable

The Vrable's; Mr. & Mrs. John Vrable and Family

   St. John's has brought us a lot of nice memories with our family, which we will never forget.

Ethel Barbara Wahal

    St. John's Cathedral has been the foundation that my religious and family life were built on since my early childhood. Thanks to my deceased parents George and Barbara Kosco for this gift that has lasted a lifetime.

Frank Wahal

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wargo

Ann Wasko

Constance Weber

Mrs. Martha Wincko: Sons Michael and David Wincko.

   In memory of Joseph Wincko

The Nicholas Winowich Family

   God has granted us many blessings through four generations at St. John's. Best wishes to our future parish family.

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Wolfe

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Yanchik

Anna Yanyo

Mildred Ann Yanyo

Elizabeth Yaremko

Anna Yenchi

John H. Yopko

   Blessed memories of my wife Mary. May she rest in eternal peace.

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Zadrowski

Mr. & Mrs. George Zavasky

Francis J. Zofchak

Mrs. John Zofchak