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This Web Liturgy is Sponsored in Celebration of Father Dennis

on the occasion of his 50th Anniversary to the Priesthood

by Judy & Jerry Rihn



* Dear Live Broadcast Viewers,


Thank you for contacting us to share that the Live Broadcast wasn't working

correctly during the Holy Saturday Resurrection Matins and Divine Liturgy.


Please forgive us for not being accessible and punctual during a very important broadcast.


We are aware that the Live Broadcast isn't working properly all the time. There are many

of us involved in trying to fix these problems so they will not be an issue in the future.


We are truly sorry for all of the inconveniences this has caused everyone. We hope for your

patience during this process.


We greatly appreciate your dedication in viewing the Live Broadcast during our regularly

scheduled Divine Liturgies as well as Holy Days.


Thank you for your understanding!




If the Live Broadcast stops, wait a few minutes, then refresh your browser (hit F5).

Please call/text Shaun at 562-755-8991 or Amy at 412.260.3052 if the "Live Broadcast" isn't working.




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