Cathedral Center Ground-Breaking Announced

"The Cathedral FORERUNNER"

August 3, 1980

Dear Parish Family,

The compulsion to build has always been a part of vital religion. For long centuries, men have felt the need to erect a structure that would symbolize the presence of God. King David had dreamed of building a temple to the glory of God but had been unable to do so. After his death, Solomon ascended to the throne and fulfilled this dream of his father. The temple that he built in Jerusalem served for centuries as the center of worship for the Jewish people.

There is something beautifully significant about the building of a parish edifice and eventually a place that is called the house of God. We come today to that kind of occasion...ground-breaking for our Cathedral Center. But St. Paul in I Corinthians, 3:16-17, reminds us that in the strictest sense God lives, not in a house, but in the hearts of his people. So with that thought in mind, we come to commit both ourselves and our Center to the honor and glory of God. In the final analysis this place will become what we make of it with our lives.

As we begin, we dedicate it to love. The two greatest commandments in the Bible are, 'love God with all of your heart" and "Love your neighbor as yourself." Jesus clearly stated that this would be the distinguishing mark of his followers: "By this shall all men know that your are my disciples in that you have love for one another."

Think what a remarkable thing it would be if townspeople were to pass by our Center and say, "There is more love in that place than any other place I have ever been in my life." That is the one reputation above all others to which we as followers of Christ should aspire.

There is at least one thing that we can never leave out if we want to function as a part of the body of Christ. That one thing is love. There is no way that we can truly be the church unless the love of Christ dwells in our hearts and can be seen in the things that we do and say.

Historian T. R. Glover explained the success of the early church by saying, "They simply out lived and out loved their pagan neighbors." Would it be too much to hope for that some historian of the future might say the same thing about us? To that end we dedicate ourselves and our Center, that people might come here knowing above everything else that they will find and feel a spirit of love.

Finally, we dedicate the beginning of our Center to labor, to hard work, to plain old honest toil. Two tnings are going to have to happen here if anything gets accomplished - prayer and work. We've got to have both. Prayers without work is meaningless. Work without prayer will soon become sterile and non-productive.

Here then is our fervant wish; that this Center shall be an extension of the house of God, that within its walls people shall hear the laughter of genuine gladness, that they shall feel and share the love of Christ as it flows to and through each one of us, then that they will go from this place to become a part of the labor force that is trying to lift the load and heal the hurt of sin-sick world. To that end we begin our Center and dedicate our efforts.

Congratulations People of God of Saint John's Cathedral Family. This is your day... our Day of Transfiguration.

Msgr. Judson M. Procyk